Android google maps real time updating

I want to create an app where people can see where they and their friends are Eg: - imagine 2 people are using the app they should be able to see each other's location in real time and they should be able to navigate to each other Can someone help me get the resources for creating such an app Using above those in parallel to generate location data and send it to the server needs to be a fine balance between accuracy and battery drain.You can use the Hyper Track SDK to build real-time location sharing feature in few steps.If you want to develop this type of application then need to understand all of following point: Location API - You need to understand about location api which will provide you live location data using combination of cell tower data or Wifi Signal and GPS, Fusion Location api is the good one as per my understanding, another also available, API for Live live update - You need to configure API or mechanism which update live location on your server or friend.Navigation is one of the essential modern day features that smartphones provide us.I have google Map (v2) with polyline that presents a route between the user current location and the destination point.Now, I want to update the polyline according to the user moving.This will let you get to your destination in the most economical way, which is incredibly convenient for the budget conscious users.The app will also prompt you about speed cameras in your vicinity, so you know when to take your feet off the pedal for a while.

This is a very comprehensive app and we recommend everyone to try it out.

I tried to redrawing the whole polyline when location is changed but the polyline is flickering.

I didn't find any appropriate function in the Polyline Options class (the function add() is only to add a vertex but not to update or remove) do you have any idea how to update the polyline ??? *I have already done working on updating polyline path without removing the polyline.

Step 1 Follow setup guide to integrate Hyper Track SDK Step 2 Use SDK method to generate location sharing tracking URL to share with your friend. Step 3 On the other end you can fetch tracking detail from tracking URL to create another action to share your friend location using the same method using the same lookup ID to see the real-time updating location of your friends. We have worked hard to make the SDK battery efficient and accurate without compromising on realtime-ness of the locations data.

You can also refer to the implementation of live location sharing feature here and we have open-sourced our live location sharing app . In case of issue, we provide any kind of technical support required during and after integration.

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