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It has upended industries, from entertainment to retailing.

But its most profound effect may well be on the biggest decision that most people make—choosing a mate.

You are not required to post a picture of yourself. Before the world of online dating came of age, the choice of friends and even of lifetime partners was limited to those we came in contact with through college or work. You can go through hundreds or even thousands of profiles to find the right man for you.

You, of course, may do so but only at your own discretion and only when you feel completely safe. You have so many more choices online that you do in your brick and mortar world.

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Many users complain of stress when confronted with the brutal realities of the digital meat market, and their place within it.In the early 1990s the notion of meeting a partner online seemed freakish, and not a little pathetic. Smartphones have put virtual bars in people’s pockets, where singletons can mingle free from the constraints of social or physical geography.Globally, at least 200m people use digital dating services every month.In America, divorce rates climbed until just before the advent of the internet, and have fallen since.Online dating is a particular boon for those with very particular requirements.

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