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These are all status indicators, and they’re part of the attraction factor.

It’s completely natural for you to be drawn to a man because of his status.

While most of the above benefits of dating an older man fall under the “he’s just more mature” category, it’s worth pointing out additional perks of dating a mature man. He’s likely been in at least one long-term relationship, so he knows how to give to his partner and compromise when necessary.

A young man doesn’t know what he wants, and so he plays those cat-and-mouse games we all hate.

An older man, especially one who’s already been married once, knows what he wants.

They’ve been around the block: sexually, financially, career-wise, and in love. They carry themselves with a cocksure attitude that you find appealing.

If you’ve dated younger guys that were wimpy and lacked confidence, it’s understandable you’d consider dating an older man.

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