Absolute power dating torrent

Unfortunately, it offers adware while installation, there are ads in the interface and you may have to buy Vuze Plus to get some extra features (not mandatory, though).

The only reason why we added Vuze in this list, is because of its amazing features for Advanced users.

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This means, if you are already quite used to u Torrent, then you will have a similar experience.

This makes Vuze perfect for both novice and advanced users.

If you want to try out something new that is free of any crapware and ads, then you might like to give Tixati a Try.

Vuze comes with all the basic and advanced features like, Bandwidth control, RSS subscription, notifications, Remote control, media player, file converter, plugin support, filters and many more.

However, it is also quite complex, big in size and heavy on the resources, making it a bit uncomfortable for beginners and old PCs.

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