900 dating service business

The original client base grew the first year to 200 clients.

The owners moved to Springfield, Massachusetts, where the first automated system was offered.

The authors of this plan are attempting to diversify their business by offering matchmaking franchises to others.

This plan illustrates the franchisor side of planning and preparation, and serves as a counterpoint to the franchisee plans that appear elsewhere in this volume.

That section grew in the second month to include Canadian and Asian photo personals and will be further expanded to include Russian and Brazilian personals.

As more international sites are sold, personals pages will be added as a service to singles who do not wish to undergo matchmaking.

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The internal scoring system, based on surveys of how singles rank various categories, declares only those who score at 60% percent or higher.The total client base in 1994 comprised 1,800 singles.In March of 1993, Match Mate began offering licensed copies of its software as a business opportunity.To date, it is the only local database that the corporation owns.The corporation also exclusively owns and operates the national and international databases.

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